Thursday, April 17, 2014

Katherine Duchess of Cambridge aka Princess Kate enjoying Tea Tonic tea in Australia

Katherine Duchess of Cambridge aka Princess Kate toured the Sydney Royal Easter Show this morning. For those of you from far away lands Royal Shows started as agricultural shows where farmers came to have their cattle and produce judged, have horses compete in competitions and where the ladies would bake a sponge and make jam to be judged. They have evolved into huge expos of just about anything and everything involving amusements, side shows, rides, show bags full of lollies, candy and cheap plastic toys. They are great places to sample local produce and discover great local businesses. There are 'shows' in almost every city in Australia large and small at some time though out the year.

The Sydney Royal Show held traditionally over Easter was visited by Her Royal Highness Katherine the Duchess of Cambridge. She was lucky enough to be treated to a sample of fantastic tea from boutique Australian company Tea Tonic.

We have previously written about Tea Tonic teas here. This is fantastic exposure for Tea Tonic and I'm sure they will reap the benefits of the 'Kate Effect' and deservedly so.


If you are looking to sample some lovely Tea Tonic tea but can't decide we recommend the sampler box which includes all 21 flavours. Our personal favourites are Coconut Tea, Apple Tree Tea and Oriental Twist - a delicious green tea blend!

We will be off an a royal adventure next week hoping to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. In the meantime, buy your Tea Tonic before it sells out!

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's been a while between blogs...

It's been a while between blogs, don't worry I'm still drinking tea, probably even more than before. There's nothing I look forward to more after a long day at work and managing eight month old twins than a lovely cup of tea. The problem is I drink my tea and fell asleep. There hasn't been much time for writing or adventuring lately. That is all set to change!

I am hoping to bring you a blog per month, maybe more if I can!

What would you like to read about? Tea reviews, tea place reviews or just tea in general???

Let me know. It's difficult to find the motivation to write when you don't know if anyones there. Like giving a speech to an empty room, although it's not, the listeners are hiding under chairs.

This blog is for you, what do you want to read?