Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened...

I couldn't drink tea for six months. I simply couldn't stomach it; didn't even want to think about it. My tea cupboard sat there bursting at the seams but alas it was to remain unopened. There was good reason for this and oddly enough it had rather a lot to do with this...

No, I'm not a princess, sadly, however Kate and I have something in common. You see lovely reader, on the day this photo was taken Kate was leaving hospital having been treated for Hyperemesis or acute morning sickness and I was feeling rather green myself. Yes, I was pregnant too. Oddly enough I also happened to be residing in Kensington at that point in time, just down the road from Kate who was resting in the palace. I'd pass by on my morning walk and look up at windows really feeling sorry for her. Firstly, she felt rather ill, and secondly I just knew that she would be under so much more scrutiny now. Oh and remember how I was never going to see any more royals? I saw Charles, again!

And that would be me and Mr. outside Kensington Palace. Really, that is us, promise! Photo credit: Alicia Pollet Photography (Dec 2012)

When we returned to Australia it wasn't long till I myself was in hospital with Hyperemesis and I can tell you now, it's not very nice at all! Although I wasn't due until a month after Kate, she came late and I came early so now our children are two days apart. This adds to the uncanny connections of owning the same shoes and clothes and being military wives.

Now I'm back in the swing of things I'm glad to be drinking tea again, I really missed it terribly! This also means I have a bit more interest in writing about it too. I have several more Tea Place Reviews from my time in the UK to publish as well as dozens more Tea Reviews. So please keep posted in the coming days, weeks and months for more tea goodness!


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